Laurens County Sheriff's Department
511 Southern Pines Rd.
Dublin, GA 31021

Investigation Division
Capt. Stan Wright
D. Palmer Secretary Sgt. S. Howard Sgt. S. Cox Sgt. R. Toney
Sgt. L. Padgett Sgt. V. Payne Sgt. B. Scarborough Sgt. C. Ricks
This unit investigates all Crimes. Polygraph exams are handled by Capt. C. Bracewell. This Division handles an average of 120 Criminal Investigations per year.
Crimes against children including child abuse and sexual assaults are handled by Sgt. C. Ricks. Sgt. Ricks may be reached at the Laurens County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) building located at 904 Claxton Dairy Rd.
The Laurens County Sheriff's Dept, The Laurens County Department of Family and Childrens (DFCS), and the Dublin Police Dept work together to provide trained Officers that focus their investigations on child abuse and child molestation complaints. Laurens County DFCS receives approximately 650 child abuse and neglect reports each year. Many of these complaints are able to be cleared or addressed using DFCS resources.